Public Figure Kevin Thobias Talks About The Struggle Being An Entrepreneur and Instagram Posting Tips

kevin Thobias

No business isn’t easy, if it where everyone would be a millionaire. The biggest factor for anyone’s success is determination, commitment, and a “why”. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Opportunities come your way everyday if you were only looking for them. If the opportunities come your way would you be brave enough to get involved in them when all around you are telling you you’re a fool or your surroundings are hindering you? Being an entrepreneur is a lonely place, but a rewarding place to be. I have been where you are and now I am in a rewarding place. Stay focus, take advantage of every opportunity, listen and Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams.

Now my Instagram has grown so much over the last couple of months. I didn’t start Instagram until the summer of 2019, Just wasn’t into it until my friends kept pressuring me to make one. Being on it these last couple of months I noticed Instagram is the best place to share photos and create a dedicated resume for your lifestyle and career, also Instagram is a good opportunity for those want to start a business, no matter whether you  are a professional photographer or do it just for fun.

Kevin Thobias 6 Tips for Improving Your Instagram Account:

1.Create your own style:

One of the most important points is being creative and use your own unique style of photography. Now that Instagram has categorized subject you should be very distinctive in your field because you will be attracted more in this case especially in the Instagram.

2.Post production:

Editing your photo will greatly help your progress. Often a simple image can change into a remarkable photo by using the simple editing tool. The editing tools in Instagram are not enough and I recommend you get a professional editor or download an editor application like lightroom on your computer or phone. by using light room I recommend you test colors, shadows, whites, blacks etc to create the perfect combination.

3.Create a beautiful structure:

The human eyes like to see things that are beautiful and enjoyable, which explains the aesthetic importance in Instagram. In general, the profile page, which is arranged in a beautiful structure, is more attractive, so it’s better to create an Instagram profile page on this base. In general, I suggest you select a general color for your profile photos, and you can change it in anytime.

4. # Hashtag & Locations:

Hashtags and locations are based on increasing access to Instagram posts, and there’s a whole network of hashtags and locations categories that you can use for page growth and gives more opportunity to display your photos. This will undoubtedly help you to be famous and get better access to your photos.

5. Searching and Collaborations:

The Instagram community is very big and the best way to connect with this community is to search hashtags, locations, engage with other accounts and collaborate with other Instagram accounts that are similar to you. Working with others not only helps you to navigate your process of growth but also helps you identify your name or brand.

6. Use Helpful Apps:

The stability is the master key between all points in your life which will increase your skills. Here are a few apps I use to increase page growth Appassistant visit Number #2 Storywatchers visit and last but not least facebook visit