Round2Hell: Out-Of-The-Box Comedy Videos worth watching

Are you an ardent fan comedy shows? Do you watch them regularly? Hey there, here are some kickass laughter videos on YouTube which are really worth watching. Yes, Round2Hell! Interesting name isn’t it?

YouTube is the greatest source of enjoyment and relaxation in this busy lifestyle. Watching comic videos refreshes your mind and soul. Round2Hell is one such funny video channel which is gaining awesome popularity these days.

You must be thinking, “Round2Hell, what a weird name?” right? But guys, it has an outstanding story behind creating the channel. Let’s read ahead…
Zayn, Wasim and Nazim were beloved friends. Zayn was a college drop-out from Zakir Hussain College. Wasim and Nazim were 12th passed from Alam College and Modern Public School respectively.

The best friends were sitting empty and nothing much happening in their life. But to earn some name as well as for daily bread, they were searching some work. Because of less education, it was hard to find the job. So they decided to start a YouTube channel. Initially they posted some football tutorial videos. But that doesn’t gain the desired audience. Then they started making comedy videos and yes, they start getting huge response. Thus, they decided to make a proper YouTube channel to post the comedy videos.

Zayn was fan of car drifting. One day he went for car drifting and did some scary round drifts. While one of his friend shoot the drifts. Zayn then posted the drifts videos on Instagram just for fun. While watching the videos, a thought came in his mind, “What if I lose the control while drifting?” He answered himself, “Dude, you may have end up losing your leg or hand.” This stunned him, thinking that it would have made his life like a hell.
He then thought that the round drifts were not just the drifts but was actually a round to hell.

An idea got clicked in his mind and he named “Round2Hell” to the Instagram videos he posted of car drifting.

The very next day, they created a YouTube channel for Comedy videos and gave the same name. Thus, Round2Hell came into existence.
Zayn, Wasim and Nazim started posted the comedy videos on YouTube which were featured on them. Very soon the channel started gaining the popularity and getting admired by many. Up till now, Round 2Hell has reached 8.3 Million Subscribers which was a huge hit.

Initially, the parents were against them and were not supportive. But seeing the name and fame of the kids now, they are happy. When no one was with Zayn, Wasim and Nazim, a dear friend “Alam Saifi” showed true support for his friends and encouraged them.
YouTube has now become a full-time career for three friends. With exclusive reach of 8.3 Subscribers, Zayn, Wasim and Nazim were invited at YouTube Fanfest held in Delhi. It was a dream come true moment for them. They have performed an outstanding comedy there and got applauded by the viewers.

The story of three friends, Zayn, Wasim and Nazim is indeed inspiring! It is an perfect example of dedication, passion and urge towards making their dreams come true.
Zayn, Wasim and Nazim won’t stop here. They have some big future plans like making a Web Series, Science Fiction Films, Short Films and many more.
Best Wishes Guys, May all your dreams come true!

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