Roy Fernandes Takes Strong Measures To Make World A Better And Happier Place

Today we hear lots of talks for a better world, but mostly all these things are on paper, not all genuinely care for such things. It’s not like people don’t want to do good things, but we are living in a time where life has become busy making money.

However, we found one optimistic person who doesn’t talk; he works and works with a whole heart for good things. Roy Fernandes who is Portuguese by birth, born and raised in Dubai & making a name in Dubai, He is known for his intrepidity and expertise to tackle one of the humanities is most significant difficulties today. He strives in support of the Institutional Development of IIMSAM & the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Roy Fernandes has made his name as one of the most capable people holding a top position like Protocol official and Goodwill Ambassador working for IIMSAM, United Nations.  Roy is a renowned personality, a public figure who knows what right to do in today’s time and mind you, he is doing beautiful things by helping others. A true gentleman with a good heart in today’s world.

Roy is providing his work to the intergovernmental institution for the use of Micro-algae spirulina against malnutrition (IIMSAM), he is the most active person on the earth when it comes to fighting against malnutrition. He has been knighted with the diplomatic & Ambassador position at a very young age which is unlikely for someone to become of this high position at a young age.

His profile varies in many different professions because his role is more significant than what it looks in real life. Holding the protocol activity for times, Roy has been linked in many events with attention and coordination as expected for someone his ability. It is his experience along with communicative skills, agility, and humility that allowed him to carve his name in this market and be recognized as one executive of IIMSAM.

He has managed many events in recent times, and that shows his capability of organizing things without pulling an iota of attention towards him.

After Roy inclusion in IIMSAM, they have expanded a lot in recent time, and they are doing a fantastic job for humanism. If you check his Instagram account, it’s full of world-class people with him and his seminars and all. This guy is an inspiration at a younger age to many who talks about humanism.
Surely Roy is the best example any can have about how to serve society and spread more humanity worldwide with good things. He deserves every bit in his life what he achieves in future.

He has attended a world summit with other diplomats from various countries and played a major role in negotiating malnutrition into Panama and was directly negotiating with the Panama president, Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez.

Roy Fernandes is known as the youngest Diplomat to receive His Excellency title. It’s a great prestige. He was born on October 8th. During the month of Ramadan in Dubai, he has visited various camps and distributed iftar meals, food and clothing. He had conducted an iftar for 10,000 people, in association with Dubai police. He is the youngest in his organization to hold a diplomatic passport

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