Rumours are high Riccardo lex wants to produce a movie in Bollywood.

You never know what has life stored for you. Some people can make millions even if you make them empty in their life because they know how to make it as they have done it once in their life .

What you can say about this guy, life has been a roller coaster for him. This handsome lad has seen lots of ups and downs in his life, but he is a super driver of his life because he has taken his way to path of success where there is no fear of losing now.

His struggle has helped him to find his best in life. Now he has developed so many options that if he doesn’t do anything, finance will not be an issue for him. His struggle time has told hum bye-bye and happy days has knocked his door.

Riccardo lex is the damn handsome guy when you observe him. You will feel that he should be in Hollywood movies as a lead actor. But he has learned to lead the show. So don’t think he will be part of any movie. But he will produce a film in the near future in India.

You might be saying What? Don’t get surprised because the whole story is not over yet, Riccardo is planning to produce a movie, nowhere is the second surprise for all the readers. He is planning to produce a film in Bollywood. Again you might say WHAT? Yeah, Riccardo has mapped to make a movie in Bollywood. So all the Indian get ready to see Hollywood flavor in B-town as Riccardo lex is coming to India to produce something big with top Bollywood stars.

If these rumours are correct, then it will be an excellent chance for B-town as high-class people from Hollywood will take an interest in B-town due to Riccardo lex.

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