Salman Khan FIRED His Manager Of 14 Years For THIS Reason?

Salman Khan Reshma Shetty

Salman Khan’s manager of 14 years, Reshma Shetty did wonders to Salman’s brand name and also managing his diary. The news of Salman firing Reshma came as a surprise and since then there are multiple theories concocting as to why she was fired.

A close friend of the Khan family spilled the beans on the issue and told a leading daily, “His business manager did a wonderful job of putting Salman’s finances on the right track. She made sure he got what he deserved for all the films and events. She eliminated all those who exploited his stardom and got rid of all the freeloaders.”

This was a good part of having a manager like her but there were also downsides. She came in between Salman and his family. Apparently, she used to put his family commitments for queue in his diary. If anyone even knows Salman a little know how important his family is for him.

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On this the friend also added, “Salman allowed her to take all the business decisions. In fact, she also put his family in the queue for his dates. The family took it in their stride as they have always kept Salman’s profession separate from his personal life. But the manager took things a little too far when she apparently didn’t allow Salman to go on Sohail’s comedy show on television.”

Sohail, it seems, was keen on having Salman make a guest appearance on Chote Miyan, the comedy show that he judges. “Sohail was heard complaining about this to his friends. When Salman got wind of it, he decided to do away with the manager,” adds the friend.

Well, we all know family comes first for Salman Khan. Poor Reshma Shetty took that fact too lightly and in process lost her job!