The Story Of La Mafia Saudi Comedian Fahad Abdullah Alasaus


The Story of La Mafia Saudi comedian Fahad Abdullah Alasaus

At the beginning of 2018 Fahad made friendships on social media with people like him and on different platforms like Snapchat and Youtube and started to go to eventsall around the world to meet his fans and talk about his life on social media and how he made his videos and like everyone on social media he had haters and that’s something normal Fahad didn’t care about that and continued to do his videos and he would always be on the explore page and that’s something so good on Instagram when your post goes the explore page that means your post is getting a lot of attention and likes from people and fans. Fahad’s most fan base is in Saudi Arabia and his current followers are 346k on Instagram with 106 posts most of his videos get 500k views and more.

Since Fahad left his friends Youtube channel Zero13 he has been on his own until now and he saw that it’s better to do things by yourself and especially social media because in the end it’s your platform it’s your account they are your fans and you have to entertain them by that 1 min video Fahad made it look easy but it’s actually not easy first you get an idea then you study the idea and then you look for a way to show your fans the idea and entertain themFahad is one of the fastest growing accounts in 2018 and around the gulf until now Fahad is trying to reach 1mil on in Instagram.