REVEALED: Upasana Singh’s Character In The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma Show has taken the right track again, the show is getting its TRP back. Geez! There’s nothing to worry about as of now. The show has several new entries and is set to make records one more time.

The latest episode that was aired on Sunday, April 16th came up with all the new characters performances. The episode began with Kapil telling Navjot Singh Sidhu about the empty room in Kapil’s house and that he wants to give on rent. He later announces that an advertisement has been put up in the newspaper for this and he shall get some kind of response for it.

Post which, there comes a pahalwan with a hen and trunk expressing his love towards the hen and how he dreams of educating the hen into an air hostess. Upasana Singh is the new masi of the house and Paresh Ganatra is his husband, husband ‘Lovely Chaddha.’ So now Babli Masi and Lovely Chaddha are the new characters of The Kapil Sharma Show.

Babli masi insults Lovely Chaddha as she tells that he has been thrown out of the office for trying to hit on the boss’ wife. Meanwhile, Kapil tells them that he cannot give them the empty room to stay as he has already given it to someone else. Now we know that the spark is back on the show.

But later, Lovely Chaddha says he would pay him a sum of 10k for this and Kapil agrees on it as his nature. Pahalwan then comes out of the house, screaming and saying that he won’t live here. But after seeing masi and Lovely he says he wants to stay in this house only.

Enter Sarla: She has a plate of chips in her hands and mistake’s pahalwan as his uncle. Bumper also walks in and witnesses so many people on the stage.

Then enters singer Shaan along with wife Radhika and they celebrate his 25 years in the industry with loads of fun. Now after all the mess and almost shutting down of the show, we see this. This is nice, soothing for Kapil’s fans.

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