Uplifting Society through entertainment, Meet Entrepreneur Ajay Harinath Singh

Ajay Harinath Singh

Entrepreneurship and philanthropy go hand in hand when it comes to the Singh’s & Sons. While being a jury member of the Russian International Family Films festival, In the entertainment sector, Chairman & Managing Director Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC), Ajay Harinath Singh has invested in news media while being the finance backbone to two film production houses from Indias top 5, for 43 films, three of which are Indias most expensive films ever. He has been rightfully bestowed upon the Times Power Men and Young Iconic Entrepreneur Awards, and now he is himself foraying into mainstream commercial content production for cinema, TV, & Web, with his media house headed by DPGC Group COO Dr. Farhad Vijay Arora, also son of film star Vijay Arora & Ex Miss India Dilber Debara.

Of the entire 19 Darwin Platform Group of public listed Companies empire, which is a debt free organisation since inception, and has a asset based turnover of INR 41000Crs, with its presence in Hollywood, Bollywood and Russian films, Darwin Platform Mass Media has a turnover of over INR 289Crs. Providing finance for the entertainment industry at reasonable rates, the company loves to encourage and support good content creation.

Having long associated with Rajiv of Netflix USA, Reshmy of Zee5 & Jay of Zee Entertainment is exciting inspires us to expand our presence to China, Korea, Japan, Czech Republic, Georgia and even setup film cities in India & overseas besides expanding digital distribution platforms for the future says Ajay Harinath Singh. “Our socio economic vision, is to provide a holistic growth to the Indian entertainment industry, and expand it into an organised & secured community, providing employment and fair scope for development of fresh talent, while entertaining and spreading happiness through the masses, hence contributing to the growth of India’s GDP” says Haresh Mahapatra DPGC group CFO.

Currently the production house has The Rise of Mangol in post production stages. A mega budget 3 part biopic saga on the life of history’s biggest emperor Gengiz Khan. The multilingual film will be released in Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu and other languages. Along with ready for release parallel cinema peojects like Tera Kya Hoga Lambodar, Azizan and Valet Parking, the company is mulling over the production of the Kangana Ranaut starrer titled Dhaakad, in the pipelines due for release on Diwali 2020 with 3 more films in pre production stages, titled Rickshaw, Lady Luck and en-d-your-ex. “Correct entertainment is the key source of motivation and happines for all, which contributes to the wellbeing of the masses and hence the progress of the nation and humanity as a whole” says Dr. Farhad Vijay Arora.

DPGC will contribute to a paradigm shift in all sectors as it has one of the strongest legal teams headed by Mr.Rohit Jain & Mr.Gaurav Jain. The company has 2 honorary RETD Chief justice of india as advisors and 3 RETD Justice of High court on advisory Position ” says DPGC group CEO Mr. Rahul Ganpule. Darwin platform Govt project Sectors are taken care by Mr Mohammed Anwar Bawla. The diversified IT & Sales team is headed by Mr. Deepak Jangda , Mr Shiv Charan & Mr Rakesh Vishwakarma.

Aart from creating a storm in the entertainment industry, currently helmed by the multi-faceted Ajay Harinath Singh, has come a long way from their regional banking business from the 1930s to excelling in the fields of mining and oil, shipping logistics and airline, farming, energy, mass media, pharmaceuticals, IT, education, banking and integrated financing, culminating into a debt free conglomerate.

While being considered to be one of the most powerful and influential families in India did not stop Ajay Harinath Singh from working for a number of companies. With a thirst for Indian entrepreneurship, he founded the Darwin Platform Group of Companies , primarily focusing on oil, MiGs, Sukhoi aircrafts and arms & ammunition. The company quickly developed to being a conglomerate specialising in banking, pharmaceuticals, finance, mining, information technology, airline services, and healthcare sectors. He is currently the Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group, owning 96% of the company.

In recent years, Singh has devoted his time to numerous philanthropic endeavours, expanding his charitable activities across oceans! “After being blessed with somuch of success my happines lies in being a medium for society’s upliftment and happiness” says Singh. The AHS Food charity was set up in his native India to provide food to homeless and needy and has now opened food kitchens in London (UK) and Philadelphia (US), providing over 3,000 vegetarian meals to the needy! Also, through the Darwin Group branch ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, he devised a plan and successfully built low-cost hospitals in Latur (Maharashtra) and Bhuj (Gujarat). Raising over Rs. 250 Crore, these hospitals targeted the needs of low-income families in these areas focusing on providing quality and affordable health services.

More power to Ajay Harinath Singh!

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