Yatendra Meghwal’s Artist Mine Music Is Promoting Young Rappers Of India

yatendra meghpal

Here is a Gully boy with a dream in his eyes & pure passion for rap & music in heart changing lives now & how. Yatendra is a young lad, a dreamer, and a genuine talent.
Yatendra Meghwal (only 22) who has already caught his dream of creating music now he is spreading across through his company artist mine music.

He is drenched in love for his Rap music & He is now giving shape to bright young talents who have passion for Rap music he is making their future brighter with his efforts in shaping up their future.

This young boy started very early in life just at 15! Who would think that a young Yatendra belonging from a middle-class family living in the bylanes of Rajasthan would one day break all notions of becoming a rapper & not following only folk music which is a popular culture in the Rajasthan cities.

Today with his company he has become a Mentor, a ray of hope, guidance, support for so many out there who dared to dream, who dared to break all stereotypes & follow their passion.

He is fulfilling dreams by allowing them to create their Rap music & help to spread their much-deserved work. What keeps him going are his dreams, he dreams of expanding his company artist mine music to a more significant level & aspires to have an even bigger platform where the world recognizes these underdogs & the power of their music.

Artist mine music has literally “mined” the talents of artists who need to be heard once, a few groovy albums already in their kitty there is no looking back for these absolute talents.

Here a big shout out to all those who dared not blindly to follow people & decent careers but to listen to their heart & follow their dreams in the Rap world. Come out and work for your goal doesn’t listen to what people will say believe in yourself as Yatendra did in his life. As we speak, success is not easy; you need to give your best to achieve victory.

As they say “the idea is not to live forever but to create something that will”, this stands true for Yatendra & his company. On that note wishing Yatendra Meghwal & Artist mine music all the very best for all their future endeavours of creating more & more music & getting more & more talents noticed.