Exclusive Photos: Hollywood Movie Godzilla


Godzilla Cover Pic Godzilla 06 Godzilla 02 Godzilla 18 Godzilla 08 Godzilla 01 Godzilla 13 Godzilla 27 Godzilla 03 Godzilla 04 Godzilla 23 Godzilla 14 Godzilla 05 Godzilla 07 Godzilla 16 Godzilla 09 Godzilla 10 Godzilla 11 Godzilla 12 Godzilla 15 Godzilla 17 Godzilla 19 Godzilla 20 Godzilla 21 Godzilla 22 Godzilla 24 Godzilla 25 Godzilla 26 Godzilla 28 Godzilla 29[tps_footer]With a Hollywood reboot of the Godzilla film franchise ready to open May 16, 2014 at theatres nationwide, organisers of Washburn University Godzilla and Friends Festival have revived the event.

The festival will include more prize giveaways and a special look and discussion of the coming 2014 edition of Godzilla. Japanese film fans are up in arms at the latest Hollywood movie featuring the much-loved Godzilla after promotional shots showed that the lumbering lizard had put on a few kilos.

On May 16, 2014 Godzilla will be back in all its 3D and Imax glory when the 2014 edition of Godzilla opens with the Regal Hollywood Stadium 14, 6200 S.W. 6th, already selling tickets to preview showings of the 2D edition at 07:00 pm and 10:00 pm on May 15, 2014; while the 3D version at would be previewed at 07:45 pm and 10:45 p.m.

Avid fans of a creature that has earned icon status in the nation that first felt his full fury way back in 1954 were a little less gentle in their descriptions of the American film industry’s rendering of the King Of Monsters.

Posters on online movie sites suggested that Hollywood has super-sized Godzilla, while others wondered if he had been chowing down on pizza and marshmallows since his previous appearance in the US in 1998. Another asked where the neck had gone.

The character has become so popular around the world that a statue stands outside Toho’s offices in central Tokyo and it was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004 to mark the 50th anniversary of the first movie.

Godzilla has so far wrought havoc in no fewer than twenty eight films produced by Japan’s Toho film studios and starred in a television series, books and video games.

An amphibious reptilian monster, Godzilla was originally awakened from his slumbers beneath the Pacific by nuclear tests before taking on mankind.[/tps_footer]