Geeta Phogat Refused Aamir Khan’s Wedding Gift, So Here’s What He Did!


Aamir Khan is the man of his words. Living up to his promise, Aamir visited the village of Balali in Haryana to attend the wedding of Mahaveer Singh Phogat’s daughter, Geeta who is Commonwealth Gold Medalist with his Dangal team. Dangal movie is based on the life of the Phogat family.

Aamir Khan, who was supposed to have gifted the wedding dress to Geeta, lamented the fact that he couldn’t do so, “I wanted to gift her the joda, but tradition doesn’t allow that. Only the bride’s mama (maternal uncle) can gift the shaadi ka joda. So I got other gifts for her.”


Other gifts included sweets, fruits, dry fruits and other dresses. And of course, money in envelopes, the most used form of gifting at Indian weddings. Further, Aamir believes that Dangal is a perfect wedding gift for Geeta.


Aamir Khan, through his movie Dangal, is trying to get our cricket crazy nation to see the inspiring story of wrestling and especially woman wrestlers. Aamir potrays the role of Geeta’s father in the movie and he promised to be there and congratulate the family in person!

Aamir Khan is always a true gentleman, isn’t he?


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