Photos: Fire Brand Rakhi Sawant Joins Republican Party Of India



Rakhi-05Rakhi-04Rakhi-06Rakhi-03Rakhi-10Rakhi-09Rakhi-01Rakhi-02Rakhi-07[tps_footer]After her miserable electoral debut in Lok Sabha Elections, Rakhi Sawant joined Ramdas Athawale led Republican Party Of India and said she would not hesitate to contest the upcoming assembly polls against Raj Thackeray.

Rakhi Sawant, who had managed to get less than two thousand votes in her maiden tryst with electoral politics, contesting from Mumbai North-West seat as a candidate of Rashtriya Aam Party founded by her just before the polls, was appointed chief of the state women’s wing.

Announcing her induction into the party Ramdas Athawale said, “Rakhi Sawant is a known face in every household. She is known not only in cities, but in villages as well. Her popularity will definitely help us in the forthcoming elections.”

Rakhi Sawant aspires to become chief minister one day and described her failed Lok Sabha bid as a rehearsal and a learning experience.[/tps_footer]