Photos: Inside MTV Splitsvilla 7 With Sunny Leone

Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 011 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 016 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 015 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 012 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 014 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 010 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 009 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 008 Splitsvilla 7 - Episode 007

Splitsvilla-7---Episode-048 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-049 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-047 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-046 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-045 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-044 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-043 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-041 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-040 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-039 Splitsvilla-7---Episode-042[tps_footer]The Grand opening of MTV Splitsvilla 7 where Nikhil Chinapa and Sunny Leone make fairy tales come to life!

MTV Splitsvilla, is an Indian television reality show that airs on MTV India. The series is based on the American dating reality show Flavor Of Love.

Set in the picturesque Samode Palace of Rajasthan, MTV Splitsvilla 7 is following a fairytale theme where twenty girls would take a shot to woo seven celebrity boys.

The second episode of MTV Splitsvilla 7 was full of drama and entertainment. While six female contestants were given black roses by the seven celebrity males as a sign of elimination, the tables turned when they were given one last chance to prove their worth and stay back in the competition.

The black-rosed contestants were assigned a task to choose a competitor from the safe lot of girls and compete with one another by performing a challenge assigned to them by hosts Sunny Leone and Nikhil Chinapa.

Of what we had head, the forthcoming episode will feature a unique task involving tomatoes.

Watch to find out what’s in store for you at MTV Splitsvilla 7[/tps_footer]