Photos: Kamaal Rashid Khan Takes On Bollywood With His Tweets


KRK-Bolly-01KRK-Bolly-02KRK-Bolly-03KRK-Bolly-04KRK-Bolly-05KRK-Bolly-06KRK-Bolly-07KRK-Bolly-08KRK-Bolly-09KRK-Bolly-10KRK-Bolly-11KRK-Bolly-12KRK-Bolly-13KRK-Bolly-14KRK-Bolly-15[tps_footer]Kamaal Rashid Khan knows how to be in the news all the time. He speaks without thinking and looks like same goes with what he writes on twitter.

Kamaal R Khan is currently making headlines in connection with his twitter war between Kapil Sharma and him, where both have been taking digs at each other.

Just recently, Kamaal R Khan tweeted again about Kapil Sharma and wrote, “I asked Kapil Bhai to invite me on Comedy Nights With Kapil because I want to see whether he has guts to even touch me at his own show as he can’t come to beat me at home.”

Now, did not stop at this and followed up with another one  and wrote, “Actually this is the truth of Kapil Sharma and his show, Comedy Nights With Kapil, He treats people like animals.”

On the other hand, Kapil Sharma apologized to his fans and wrote, “I apologise to my fans for using foul language in my tweets. I should not have used such words when I responded to the filth that this man was talking on twitter.”

The only thing common between Kamaal R Khan and Kapil Sharma is that both want to share screen space with Deepika Padukone.

Kamaal R Khan has also been very nasty with his tweets about Bollywood actors and actresses in the past.[/tps_footer]