Spotted: Shah Rukh Khan Returns After Winning IPL 2014


SRK-Cover-Pic SRK-13 SRK-02 SRK-03 SRK-04 SRK-12 SRK-05 SRK-09 SRK-06 SRK-07 SRK-08 SRK-14 SRK-10 SRK-11 SRK-01[tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan knows how to always be on top and how to celebrate being on top because that’s what he did post winning the seventh edition of the IPL.

Post the win Shah Rukh Khan got the crowd at Eden Gardens on their feet and later had a blast with his team as they scripted its second Indian Premier League victory.

Since the time Kolkata Knight Riders have won the Indian Premier League, Shah Rukh Khan has not stopped smiling. He has dedicated this win to his youngest child AbRam, who just turned a year old.

“Nothing gets better than this. I am so happy for the team and for Kolkata. You know, when we form a team, people make a lot of observations about what is right and what is wrong. But I would like to say that we have a fantastic team with a very cool head on their shoulders. So, God bless Gautam Gambhir and his boys who have made me, my son Aryan, my daughter Suhana and my little one AbRam very proud.” stated a proud owner of Kolkata Knight Riders.

On the other hand Juhi Chawla dedicated this win to her late brother Bobby. “I dedicate the win to my brother, Bobby, who left us recently. His blessings are with me and that will help me sail through difficult times. I would never have come this far without him. So, Bobby, wherever you are, this win goes out to you.” stated the co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders.

Cheers to Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and his team.[/tps_footer]