10 Bollywood Stars Who Refused To Give Back Their Awards


Featured-kbafAs we all know Bollywood filmmakers, authors and other esteemed personalities have been returning their awards as a form of protest. The protest is being made against the growing intolerance in our country regarding many matters, and how the government has been turning a blind eye to the same. While many ace artists supported the movement, some Bollywood stars opposed this idea. Take a look:National-Awards-Shah-Rukh-KShah Rukh Khan: King Khan SRK had earlier revealed that the actor believes the protests being made is a very bold step and he commends the people who have taken this initiative. Although Shah Rukh Khan also believes that returning awards is not his cup of tea as the actor would choose some other form of protest like a march or a strike. Surely SRK knows how to give diplomatically pleasing answers!National-Awards-Anil-KapoorAnil Kapoor: When asked about his opinion on the current event where awards are being returned as a form of protest against intolerance, Anil Kapoor stated that intolerance has always prevailed in our country. He further added that according to him it is not a right thing to return prestigious awards as a form of protest. It is not justified according to Anil Kapoor, who wouldn’t be returning any awards.National-Awards-Vidya-BalanVidya Balan: Bollywood beauty Vidya Balan who received National Award for her phenomenal role in film ‘The Dirty Picture’ also had few things to say about the ongoing protests. When asked whether she would be joining the protest and returning her award, Vidya stated that the award has been given to her by the nation and not the government. Hence a protest against the government has nothing to do with awards.National-Awards-Kamal-HasaaKamal Haasan: Veteran actor Kamal Haasan who recently turned 60 stated that according to him returning awards is a ‘futile’ move. According to the actor, the people who are protesting are smart enough to come up with some other form of protesting instead of returning their awards. Kamal Haasan who has won four national awards will not be giving them back any time soon.National-Awards-Hem-MaliniHema Malini: Bollywood’s dream girl Hema Malini has now transitioned into becoming a politician and is also the MP from Mathura. When asked about her opinion, the BJP member stated that returning awards is not a right thing to do. Hema Malini feels it is a politically instigated matter. According to her people are dying to get a National Award as it’s a national reputation. She went to state that people have even asked her help to get National Awards, and here people are returning them.National-Awards-NaseeruddinNaseeruddin Shah: Another one of the most valuable stars of Bollywood, actor Naseeruddin Shah opened up about this matter and very casually stated that he will not be returning any awards, as awards do not mean anything to him. Although he also believes that intolerance is a real issue in India and that certain political parties are too intolerant in general.National-Awards-Rishi-KapooRishi Kapoor: Bollywood’s blabber mouth star Rishi Kapoor always gets into fights and controversies for speaking his mind. The actor is also quite witty, and this time he took a sarcastic take at the award vapsi event. Rishi tweeted saying that he has been asked to return his award, but he hasn’t received any award from Government yet. He states that the National Award he received for Mera Naam Joker belongs to Raj Kapoor and not him.National-Awards-Anupam-KherAnupam Kher: Veteran star Anupam Kher supports protest against intolerance, but not in the form of award wapsi. The actor tweeted speaking his mind saying that returning awards is not an insult to the government. But it is an insult to the Jury who selected the winners and the audiences who watched and loved the films. His criticism received mixed response.National-Awards-Ratna-PathaSupriya Pathak: Veteran actress Surpiya Pathak has won accolades ever since she began her acting career. She gave a thorough justification when asked about returning the awards. Supriya Pathak questioned the moves of Award Wapsi asking what good has returning awards achieved till now? She believes everyone has jumped into the trend of returning awards but the government is not even paying any heed.N0012ational-AwardsRaima Sen: Actress Raima Sen believes that once you receive an award, it should not be returned back. The actress stated that although intolerance is a real issue, many actors have opposed returning their awards and she is certainly one of them. Raima believes there are other ways than returning awards to showcase protest against the government.

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