10 Baahubali Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

Baahubali Prabhas

The Baahubali fever had taken the nation by storm. And the lead actor has gained acclaim for his performance. He was appreciated to the extent that he had sleepless nights receiving congratulatory calls.

Here are 10 unknown facts about the Baahubali aka Prabhas-

1. South Indian Superstar-
Prabhas has done numerous movies in South and is a Superstar in South India.

2. Prabhas-Rajamouli duo-
Prabhas and Director SS Rajamouli duo has collaborated for the third time with Baahubali. Baahubali: The beginning had seen immense success and had created huge anticipation for the second instalment of the franchise, the success of the movies marks the success of the duo.

3. 600 days and 5 years of dedication-
While other actors are busy churning out movies, Prabhas takes only one movie at a time. He shot for nearly 600 days, and dedicated 5 years for Baahubali,

4. Extensive work out-
He looked stunning in Baahubali, but he had to go through rigorous training and diet for it. He gained 22 kgs for Baahubali. He went to 87 kgs from 82 kgs for the role of Shivudu and then reached the mark of 105 kgs for Baahubali’s character. He ate 40 boiled eggs everyday and was trained by Lakshman Reddy, Mr. World 2010.

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5. Avid reader-
The superstar might be very busy in his career but still finds times for his passions. He is an avid reader and has a personal library at home.6. Sports lover-

6. Sports lover-

Prabhas loves sports and prefers free hand workout as opposed to gym, so he got a volleyball court set up in his courtyard to improve his reflexes, as Baahubali was a war movie and needed better reflexes. He often played volleyball with his friends because he considers it a good stress buster.Prabhas is a fitness freak and considers rock climbing as the best form of training.

7. Shy personality-
He is one of the most shy actors and keeps himself low profiled. He is also one of the most non controversial Indian actors and is very down to earth person. The humble actor still does not acknowledge himself as a national star.

8. Marriage proposals-
The handsome hunk had received around 6000 marriage proposals but he turned all of them down because wanted to be focused to Baahubali.

9. Undivided dedication-
During the shoot of Baahubali, he even declined a 10 crore endorsement, because he did not want to lose focus. Not only that he also turned down many Bollywood offers during the shoot.

10. Nature enthusiast-
He is very fond of nature and doesn’t believe in caging birds. Prabhas has a garden which is a habitat for many birds. The birds reside in open cages which give them the freedom to take flight and return to their respective cages.

Prabhas is now a pan India icon. His hard work and dedication has earned him popularity and stardom across the nation. While he is still riding high on Baahubali’s success, fans are eager to see him on screen again.

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