2017 Witnessed The End Of Biggest Controversy In Bollywood, Thanks To Hrithik Roshan


One of the most prolonged controversies of B-Town came to an end this year, thanks to Hrithik Roshan.

With just two powerful interviews, Hrithik Roshan not only put an end to a prolonged saga which needs no introduction but also set a new precedent by cleaning the mud straightforward just with the truth.

The saga which started publicly in 2016 by Kangana and has been time again revived by the actress courtesy her gimmicky interviews during film promotions finally saw Hrithik having the last word.

For the longest time, Hrithik had maintained a dignified silence.

But a couple of months ago, he broke his silence when he felt that the absence of his dialogue was being taken as his weakness, it was then that the actor decided that the truth needed to be told.

Hrithik exhibited absolute civility when he refrained from naming Kangana in public, merely sticking to presenting facts without sensationalizing the matter further.

Hrithik’s approach came in stark contrast to Kangana’s who had been over the last 2 years been building narratives without sharing any evidence or proof.

He maintained his poise and chivalry and did not indulge in any mudslinging activity in either of the interviews.

The actor not only presented his side of the story but also opened himself to cross questioning by the anchors, thus putting a nail in the coffin to a controversy that had the nation on its toes

We cannot thank Hrithik enough for being such a gentleman and putting such a dignified end to this. It was long overdue!