History Of Clashes At Box Office: Will Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani Co-Exist?

Dilwale-vs-Bajirao-Mastani[tps_footer]In the history of Bollywood, there have been many instances where movies have clashed, and now ‘Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani’ has become the talk of the town. This year’s two biggest and final releases are gearing up for their D-day which is on December 18, 2015. Looking back at the history of big films that have released on the same day, one thing is clear – there can be either one winner, or two moderate performances. And currently ‘Dilwale’ is leading with more number of screens and promotional buzz as we revealed earlier.


In the past during the 1990s or so, Bollywood films that released on the same day used to have individual territories to themselves. If one film released in Mumbai, the other one would claim the Northern territory and vice versa. At that time the number of screens were less and even though the film did not perform well, the media did not cover much of that part and hence there was no embarrassment. But now the case is totally different as in ‘Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani’, neither of the films can afford to be the losers.

Films like ‘Dil’ and ‘Ghayal’ have released on the same day where ‘Dil’ proved to be the front runner, but ‘Ghayal’ caught pace due to Sunny Deol’s image. Likewise ‘Lagaan’ and ‘Gadar’ had also clashed where ‘Gadar’ gained more momentum, but ‘Lagaan’ also managed to perform decently. Although with ‘Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani’, both the films have been made on huge scale and the failure of anyone film will be known to the entire world. It is a matter of reputation, which will decide the future film clashes.


‘Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani’ will also answer one major question for the future of Bollywood – can two big budget films be released on the same day? If both the films manage to co-exist, it would pave way for more major releases together. Best case scenario for both the films is a joint business of around Rs. 400 crores which currently seems too good to be true, although time will tell. Being the final releases of 2015, a lot is riding on the battle between ‘Dilwale VS Bajirao Mastani’. What will happen? Will history repeat itself? Will ‘Dilwale’ surpass ‘Bajirao Mastani’ or will both the films under perform due to the competition? Only time will tell.[/tps_footer]

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