Hrithik Roshan Wants Kangana Ranaut’s Laptop And Her As A Witness Against His Imposter


Kangana-Ranaut-&-Hrithik-Roshan[tps_footer]Oh God !! More updates on Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut will surely drive us mad. Even, their lawyers and police officials are having a tough time to manage this high profile legal war between Krissh and Kaya. Recently, when Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli were summoned by the Cyber Crime Cell branch they refused to appear as they didn’t file any FIR related to this case and Hrithik had asked Kangana to be the key witness in this case of fake ID because according to Hrithik his imposter was chatting with Kangana and he never had a relationship with him. He also said that if she helps him out by giving her laptop to Cyber cell and turn into a witness, this can sort out his issue. But, Kangana has a different take on this ‘request.’


Hrithik’s legal team has sent a notice to Kangana for trying to evade Cybercops and not cooperating with them. However, a source, close to Kangana has revealed that “She has never received any intimation from the cyber crime cell asking for her laptop. In fact, Kangana and her lawyer have been trying to contact the cell since the last four days, but they are not entertaining any calls. Kangana has every right to read the FIR in which her name is mentioned before she decides to co-operate with them. She is trying to get the copy of the FIR which, unfortunately, she has not been able to get hold of.”


And it’s also said that Kangana is not willing to be part of this case and go to cyber crime cell for further investigations because she’s not the one who went to them complaining about the impostor. And, she is not sure if there was an impostor in the first place. Kangana still believes that it was Hrithik who was chatting with her all these days and now he is lying. Even, Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee has expressed his opinions on this issue claiming that all these things are done in order to deviate from the real issue. These allegations have nothing to do with Kangana and Hrithik should find out his so-called impostor on his own along with his legal team. He also said this move is made as Hrithik and his legal team failed to give a reply to his notice within seven days.

Now, we need to stay ready for another move from Hrithik Roshan and his legal team.[/tps_footer]