Parineeti Chopra’s Friend Reaction To Body-Shaming Message Will Give You Some Friendship Lessons




We all know Parineeti Chopra went from flab to fab and we do admire her for her efforts to change her physique. But does that mean she should body shame others? Yes, this actress shared a video featuring herself and Alia Bhatt wishing his friend Shahzaib Ali on his Birthday.

Though the message in the video was special as the two actresses who are busy in the Dream Team tour took time from their busy schedule to make this video but in addition to the Birthday message Parineeti Chopra had something else to say. Parineeti said Shahzaib to “Eat less and become thin”. Why there was a need to say this, it’s his birthday he should enjoy rather than look out for calories. Parineeti Chopra should think before saying. Once upon a time even she was chubby and body shaming is not good. Have a look at the video

If we notice even Alia Bhat said “Arrey…Poor thing” means even Alia felt bad that Pari is doing body shaming. This was the reaction by Alia Bhatt. Twitterati also reacted in a similar way and slammed Parineeti for the body shaming she did. But you will be amazed to see the reaction of the Birthday Boy Shahzaib Ali. This man wrote a lengthy letter and said the people should stop slamming Parineeti, Such a gentle!

Here’s the letter to all the slammers:

“I’d tried to stay silent after this so-called body shaming made its way into the news, but I feel I have to speak out now. And what I’d like to say is, I’m irked on a lot of fronts. First, the fact that someone used a personal video to attack an individual disgusts me. Second, I feel it abhorrent that people would choose to accuse Parineeti of body shaming when she herself has been so vocal about the issue (which is real and important). She has worked incredibly hard to achieve a certain level of fitness, and she of all people knows what it’s like to be teased about her weight. She would never do that to me. Third, I find it hard to believe that people think friendship should be policed. I mean, if people hold such rigid views about what friendship should and shouldn’t look like… well, you should hear some of the jokes Parineeti and I share! You’d probably want to jail us both! I feel guilty for drawing my best friend into a hurtful conversation! Such a strong negative response inhibits the openness of people on social media and deters sensibility and normalcy from existing. I’m big on self-deprecation which allows my close friends to banter while maintaining appropriate respect and understanding. Therefore, the baseless hatred I’ve seen, directed at something that was just a joke, is quite hurtful. It also makes me feel guilty — not for my body, but for drawing Parineeti into a hurtful conversation.

So to all those who are still not happy: since this video generated a lot of hype and some people definitely want more, I will now reveal all the dirty, rude things my best friend has done or said to me in the past, and I am adding appropriate hashtags for your convenience:

1) She once called me dinosaur #DinosaurShaming

2) She snatched my last piece of chocolate #FoodShaming

3) Once she said I looked constipated #PottyShaming

4) She once said I’m toxic #BritneyBlaming

5) We went for 9-pin balling #UnnecessaryGaming

6) She visited a zoo with me #LionTaming

7) She told me lame jokes #ConstantLaming

8) She repeated what I just said #Saming

9) We both sucked at archery #UselessAiming

10) We sent each other video messages #FriendlyMemeing

And while you go ahead and share the above, maybe you’ll also find it in your heart to remember the positive side of her now-controversial video message to me — that, at a time when technology and instant fame can cut us off from our friends, Parineeti made a special effort to wish me on my birthday. She got Alia Bhatt to wish me too and totally made my day. She showed me what good friendship is all about, and didn’t let her stardom colour the way we conduct our friendship, lame jokes and all. I hope by now, the point is clear. Life should not always be taken so seriously, and sometimes it is appropriate and necessary to see things as they are, not what we would like them to be.”

Wow! Seems their friendship is way too strong for Shahzaib to get offended. Great going!



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