5 Times Irrfan Khan Showed Us His Fun Side

Irrfan-Khan-5There is no doubt that Irrfan khan in term of acting and dialogue delivering is better than all the other Khans of Bollywood, we haven’t seen him doing many comical roles ,however, the one’s that we have seen and heard have been extremely loved and cherished.

Here’s a list of his characters that made us smile , laugh and tickled our bones!


Irrfan-Khan-11.Rana from Piku : The sarcastic rana had his own way to say things , he made us think that if said in a funny way heaviest of the things can be said effortlessly.Irrfan-Khan-32. Baloo from The Jungle Book : Irrfan definitely knows how to keep up the excitement , everyone was excited for their childhood adventure The Jungle Book and Baloo’s character was an added flavour to the excitement. The funny dialogue deli every by Irrfan did full justice to the character.CLICK HERE FOR ALL LATEST BOLLYWOOD UPDATES

Irrfan-Khan-43.Irrfan from The AIB Party Song : And when we thought we’ve seen all by Irrfan he gave us the rib-tickling party song spoof of all time we made us all believe that Irrfan can do anythingIrrfan-Khan-24. Monty from Life in a Metro : The sweet confused guy character with a good sense of humour , we all need one like that in our lives and he just left a great example.Irrfan-Khan5. Vikram from Thankyou : The scared from wife kinda guy was hilariously pulled of by Irrfan in a go, which was relatable to every second one out there.