5 Times Richa Chadha Has Used Her Social Media For A Positive Cause


Technology is something if used wisely, can be the best way to convey the right message to right people. Also is this message is conveyed by some known persona it even makes a better difference. Richa Chadha is one of the celebrities we know who have used her stardom and her social media reach for a positive cause. With her latest video with AIB currently going viral in a video with Vicky Kaushal titled – Harassment through ages where the misogyny and over sexualization of women in Bollywood songs has been the focus of attention. With this video conveying a strong message, we look at 5 times Richa has used technology to support the correct cause.richa-chadda-vicky-kaushal-2


Yesterday we saw a collaboration of Richa Chadha with AIB where they talk about how Bollywood songs has always se*ualised womenRicha-Chadda

She fought for her own self as she suffered and eventually came out about an eating disorder with being in the film industry and she opened up about the same brilliantly in one of her talks on a known platform TedX.Richa-chadda2

Richa Chadha as one of a sensible citizen spoke her heart out on her social media on her views on busting crackers but there were many to pull her down. Well, as we all know Richa she slammed all their faces with some major kick in the butt replies!richa-chadda-avon

She also spoke about honour killing on her social media which again few took an offense on but Richa made sure to answer them right.richa-chadda-ngo

Recently we saw Richa supporting an NGO called Purnata who rescue the se* workers to give them a better life and space to live in.