7 Times Ranveer Singh Proved He Is Bollywood’s CRAZIEST Star!


Ranveer-Singh-CrazyBollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s sense of humour is the most lovable thing about him. He is an actor who takes his work seriously, but not himself. He is so full of life that he never hesitates to make bold statements or do anything just like an ordinary person. For instance, recently he danced crazily in the middle of Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer Sultan film at a theatre in Paris. The actor has time and again proved that he is not trying to be someone and instead he is being original. Ranveer doesn’t care about people calling him loud or funny and neither do we care because we just love the way he is. Only Ranveer is the actor who can do what other actors can’t. Don’t believe us?


Take a look at the list of funny incidents of Ranveer Singh that will leave you to die laughing!