A New Supercar Club To Be Started By The Trillionaire Life

the trillionaire club

Starting a supercar club in India is the next project of ‘The Trillionaire Life’ The aim of the club is to connect like minded people with each other.

Aside from ‘Trillion Circle Members’ a lot of Bollywood and Pollywood celebrities are also expected to be a part of it.

‘Trillion Circle Members’ includes the most wealthiest people from around the world. Some of their members have the collection of limited edition cars which will certainly make it pre-eminent and most successful supercar club in India, we believe.

The creators of The Trillionaire Life are passionate about cars and want to share their interest with likeminded people. They are planning to organise their first event in December 2019 and if it goes well they’ll soon do more events to help people connect with each other.
They feel that all the industries in India are already growing rapidly but doing something in the supercar industry at the moment would be a great step as it has just begun to grow.

Their goal is to establish the club as the world’s most exclusive network of car collectors and to offer their members a truly unique and unforgettable supercar experience. Talking about the memberships, they are even more selective, and only invite people who have a collection of special cars, now this is something out of the box, the founders really are setting their standards incredibly high from the very beginning.

They said, the club would be a special place for everyone to meet and build connections with likeminded people.
We too believe that it will be a great way of networking and will succour a lot of supercar owners in many ways.
The founders also added that starting a supercar club will promote the car culture in India.

Hunny and Bunny are 18 years old twins, the founders of Instagram account The Trillionaire Life, who are very passionate about luxury, vintage, limited edition and super cars. Following their love for cars they made a decision to start a supercar club. They are very stylish and love the luxurious lifestyle, they are often seen catching up with their Bollywood & pollywood celebrity friends. Hunny and Bunny are living an extraordinary life. They are Delhi and Miami based businessmen who belong to a very reputed family and are known for their real estate business.

Within the global world of The Trillionaire Life you will come across many experiences featuring keywords such as exclusivity, automotive, luxury, high speed, and sportiness. Many of their followers will characterise them as being hardworking, enthusiastic, aspirational, courteous, honest, and committed.

With a vast social media following across the world, The Trillionaire Life is known for it’s posts of wealthy people posing with their limited edition cars, travelling in private jets, and some even lying on stacks of dollars!

If you want to know what this page is about then you can checkout their Instagram account Instagram.com/TheTrillionaireLife where they post about the lifestyle of their members.

We at Business of cinema wish good luck to the founders of The Trillionaire Life for their supercar club.

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