What Aamir Khan Gained Out Of PK Poster?

Aamir Khan 2 [tps_footer]Aamir Khan knows pretty well how to get audience’s attention. He doesn’t believe in being subtle. Shock value is something he banks on and PK’s poster is a classic example of that. Here’s what this marketing wizard achieved by going bare on the railway tracks.

These days trending on Twitter is a must and anything ordinary never makes it to the list. It has to be bold and boisterous. Commenting on Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are a passé. And so the poster helped him not only on the day the poster was unveil but also much after it. It trended on Twitter for nearly a week giving the film the attention it deserved. Being an Aamir Khan, PK was always one of the most anticipated films of this year but the way Aamir has started promoting it, it will surely gross more than Dhoom 3.

Protests and resentments are also a way to stay alive in people’s memory before and after the film. We are pretty sure Aamir had an inkling what the poster will win him other than eyeballs. A charge of obscenity and a complaints of being vulgar later, P K is already a hit.[/tps_footer]

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