Aamir Khan Hits Back To Accusations Of Drug Abuse In Dangal


When Aamir Khan comes with a film, he makes sure that the film is unique, has out of the box promotional strategies and is such that can be watched by all. Well, sticking to a particular time every year, that time of the year is here when Aamir’s film Dangal will hit the screens in a couple of days.

Just before the Dangal release, Aamir Khan released a video of his workout and hard work behind the Dangal weight loss and the fabulous body he has as a wrestler in the film. The video shows how much of hard work he has put in for the character justification.

After the video got released, many fitness industry people put accusations about how Aamir Khan surely must have used external substances like steroids. It was indirectly an accusation about misleading people. When Aamir was asked about these allegations, he responded saying this:

“I have not used any substances. I think that the good rate to lose weight is roughly one pound a week. If you want to lose weight little faster, then you have more of a calorie deficit. So, if you have calorie deficit of 500 calories a day, you lose one pound a week. If you have the calorie deficit of 1,000 calories a day, you lose two pounds a week. That is considered to be on the higher side.”

To that he further added when the weight loss process was in progress, he was doing double of it. He was losing four pounds a week for the first three weeks and then brought it down to two pounds a week and he had just 20 weeks to do that. So if you do the math, you’ll understand how he did and made it. He also said that immediately after PK, he started working on weight training for two years.

Well! Aamir Khan‘s body even kept people’s eyes wide open during Ghajini when he had built 8 packs.

Let’s see how he looks in Dangal, a biopic on a wrestler that will release on December 23.