OMG! You Won’t Believe What Aamir Khan Does When He Is Nervous


Whether you are a newbie or an established superstar, pre-release jitters are something any actor or actress has before a release of their new film. Even more so, if that your only film of the year and your previous movie was a record-breaking success. Yes, we are talking about Aamir Khan and him having jitters before the release of Dangal.

Aamir’s nervousness triggers his smoking habit. In fact, Dangal is giving him sleepless nights and got him to start smoking again, almost a year after quitting it.

Says a source, “It’s a thing. Before every release, Aamir gets nervous and starts smoking again. It happened during PK, Dhoom 3, Talaash… and it has nothing to do with the quality of the film. The last time he quit the habit was in January this year and since then, he lost 25 kg as he had to get in shape for Dangal. But now, he’s got into the pre-release phase and his nervousness keeps growing. Every time he gets nervous he becomes a full-fledged smoker, puffing at countless cigarettes a day.”

The little addition to the family, Azad Rao Khan doesn’t like his daddy smoking. “Azad doesn’t like his dad’s smoking and whenever he sees Aamir puffing away, he tells him to go out of the house or smoke in the balcony. There is no way that Aamir can smoke in front of little Azad. It’s very cute seeing him tell his dad off,” concludes the source.

Considering the competition with his contemporaries and their films at box-office this year, Shah Rukh Khan and Fan didn’t impress the audience as much but Salman Khan’s Sultan was a blockbuster which destroyed a lot of records but still had difficulty beating PK. The other nerve wrecking thing is Sultan and Dangal have a common theme, wrestling. The comparisons are inevitable which might have further triggered the nervousness.

Dangal is set to have the Christmas release and there is no other major film opening around it.

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