Aamir Khan Turns Bhojpuri All The Way


Aamir-Cover-Pic[tps_footer]After speaking Bhojpuri for his upcoming film with Raj Kumar Hirani, P.K., Aamir Khan is now heard speaking in Bhojpuri to people around him.

Instead of greeting people in English or Hindi, Aamir Khan has switched to a Bhojpuri lingo.

After learning the Bhojpuri lines and rattling them off for his Christmas release, P.K., the actor has been fluently conversing in the newly learnt language with everyone.

Aamir Khan converses in Bhojpuri with his staff, kids, colleagues, friends and in fact, anyone who drops by to meet him. “He will order tea in Bhojpuri, suddenly break into the language in the middle of a conversation and sees you off with a ‘Phir milab’.

The actor learnt Bhojpuri properly for his film and he wants to continue speaking the language so that he can speak it as fluently as English or Hindi.

Aamir Khan had earlier learnt Marathi and Swimming for one of his earlier films as well.[/tps_footer]