Aamir Khan’s Ancestral Home Is Now A Gamblers Den!

Aamir-kHan-With-Mother[tps_footer]Aamir Khan has successfully made a place for himself in the world of movies and in the place of every movie lover. Even our neighboring country, China couldn’t resist the charm and different thinking of our PK and this movie created a big fan base for Aamir in China. He earned a big fan in Kung Fu legend Jackie Chan who couldn’t stop praising Aamir Khan and offered him a role in his much awaited Kung Fu Yoga which will have Sonu Sood and Amyra Dastur. But Aamir couldn’t be a part of it as he had only Dangal in his mind. Sad to know that but we got something too sweet to tell you about and here it is.


Every child on this planet wishes to get something for their parents who have given him or her a life to live and even after achieving such great heights Aamir Khan still wishes to have something and he shared it with us. Aamir said, “My mother spent her childhood in Varanasi. I have been thinking if I can request people there and get that house.” and he added “...if I get my mom’s home there, that will give me the biggest happiness.”

Awww..  That’s just sooo sweet !! We hope his dream of gifting that ancestry home to his mother comes true and may he get a lot success in every way. It was so cute to see him talking about gifting this home to his mom like a young child looking forward to bring a big smile on his mom’s face.

We hope Aamir‘s wish comes true someday because unfortunately this home that he is talking about has become a den for the gamblers to play around and there is no care taker to look after this place. It will take a lot of time for him to get the rights related to this home and a lot will be spent in order to make it look like a home as it’s not in a good shape for now.


Surprisingly, it’s not a Hollywood project that Aamir is wishing to have like many other Indian celebs but his ancestry home that he wants to gift his mother. It doesn’t sound easy for him to get through a legal process and get his home back from the gamblers who has ruined it but hopefully, we wish Aamir wins it back.[/tps_footer]