Aamir Khan’s PK Poster Is Copied?

How inspired are we?
How inspired are we?

The timing of the controversial poster could not be more right. Aamir Khan has managed to swerve all of our attention to his upcoming movie PK.

With the bold step of creating quite the commotion with the nudity quotient of the poster, maybe he should have re-thought his strategy a little. With hordes of people surfing the inter web, it wasn’t long until it was discovered that Aamir Khan‘s perfectionist ways might not be that perfect and original after all.

The poster on the left is of a Portuguese musician named Quim Barreiros and his poster was released way back in 1973. Aamir got it all except maybe the essence of the picture. While Quim looks like he is going to wow us with the tunes coming out of his accordion, Aamir looks like he is going to smash us with his loosely-held transistor

The marketing strategies don’t end here. Aamir Khan also thinks instead of having cut-outs of his poster simply placed in theatres, they should have those cut-outs play recorded messages of Aamir himself. That is definitely one new strategy we’d want to see to fruition.

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