Actor Mayur Verma Spotted With His Ex Marina Kuwar On A Cozy Holiday In US

mayur verma

What good is a Bollywood or Television industry without unveiling the mysteries of what happens in the lives of our favourite stars, what are their habits, the clothes and accessories they wear, their food and other preferences, etc. We simply love to know everything, don’t we? So we are here with something fresh and interesting.

Actor Mayur Verma and model turned actress Marina Kuwar have been into talks and speculations from quite a few years now, and why not! They look simply incredible together. Although they are no more in a romantic relationship, they are super comfortable with each other on professional grounds. Mayur is a television actor last seen in the superhit show ‘Swaragini’. He has also acted in other famous tv shows like ‘Kya Hua Tera Vadda’, ‘Jeannie aur Juju’ and ‘Janbaaz Sindbaad’. Although there were too many controversies regarding the Mayur-Marina break up, recent spottings of the duo in the United States of America said otherwise. Are they really not together anymore?

Marina and Mayur were both seen enjoying a lovely holiday in the States and their closeness cannot be missed inspite of their assurances of being just friends. Both Mayur and Marina seems to have a gala time, lost in their own worlds. We observed that the duo definitely looked stunning together.

One certainly cannot miss the stylish outfits both of them wore in all the captured moments. It is difficult to judge which one amongst the two was a better eye candy. Starting with the extravagant shopping at a Louis Vuitton outlet, Mayur was spotted adorning a trendy backpack, a pair of match-up sneakers to go with it and an aviator style frame which made him look gorgeous. One cannot miss out on Marina’s choices which could make anyone drool. We could see her flaunting her stylish iphone mobile cover and her 2 LV handbags which she switched on occasions. Her Louis Vuitton shoes matched to the optimum. Enjoying on the beach, exploring the most happening places in New York in their lavish Audi cars and clicking away their time with crazy selfies does indeed mark for a beautiful and romantic holiday get away.

The hot pair will soon be seen together displaying their acting skills in their upcoming movie, ‘Zindagi Tumse.. ‘. Both Mayur and Marina have managed to dazzle us all with their pure awesomeness. Lets wait for the magic they create with their movie together.

mayur verma

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