This Ad Shows How Each One Of Us Are Responsible For A Better India


Better India is a dream for many and sometimes an utopian concept. We all know that India is a developing country ever since it got freedom. What we don’t know is that in democracy like our, we play the main heroes.

Liberty Videocon General Insurance has come up with an ad to highlight the same. The advertisement has an emotional touch with an amazing song that instantly connects the people. The ad tells us that even if we come across as irresponsible or carefree, there are instances when we behave more responsibly and caring. These two ironic ideas in one ad is the highlight.

We may break the traffic rule but when we see a blind man crossing the road, we go and help. When we can invest our time and resources to take care of our car, then we can do the same for our environment. While we may not realize, but we have many people taking care of us, we can also take care of them sometimes.

That’s how insurance is to anyone one of us, it will be there when we need it. Its our responsible shoulder to rely on and that’s another step towards Better India. Watch the ad and let us know what is your idea behind a Better India.