Adhyayan Suman Saves Sarah Loren


Adhyayan Suman [tps_footer]Not many expect Adhyayan Suman to get back to the acting groove after delivering flops after flops. But there are people who have still put their faith on him. However, we aren’t discussing his acting chops here but his amazing ‘reflexes’. We hear Adhyayan saved his co-star Sarah Loren from getting damagingly hurt during the shoot of their upcoming flick Ishq Click.

According to the sources, both the actors were shooting an important scene. The screenplay demanded both of them to be close and together. When saying their lines, Adhyayan heard something in the back and pulled Sara. It such happened that a glass chandelier that was hung lowly was gently swaying.

It struck the refreshment bottles nearby and crashed immediately. The actor had heard the clink of the bottles and soon guessed everything. Having a mini adrenaline rush, he quickly pulled Sara to his side. Before the naive actress had the time to react, she heard the bottle crash and looked at him.

Sara thanked him profusely. Director Anil Ballani and Producer Ajay Jaiswal who were close by, too ran for her aid. They thanked Adhyayan for it.

Well, if not an actor, he will make for a very good superhero…of course off screen only![/tps_footer]