On Having An Affair With Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar Has A Bang On Reply!


Here’s what Karan Johar said on being asked on an affair with Shah Rukh Khan!

Bollywood’s dream Director, our very own Karan Johar has always been the talk of the town. We all know he shares a very good bond with Shah Rukh Khan. They have been great buddies since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai released. Their friendship has always been looked upon with immense amounts of speculations about the two sharing a special bond.

On the other hand, deep inside everybody knows that this can never be true. Karan Johar shares one such instance which proves what a part of India thinks about the two sharing the “Special” bond!

During a recent Interview with Karan, he discussed a few instances he had faced being a homose*ual. He had collaborated with a channel and was supposed to have an interview early morning in a corporate question and answers sessions. Somebody out of the lot asked him about his relationship with Shah Rukh Khan and if they were dating.

Karan Johar being such an amazing director of the time has always faced his rough time when it comes to his se*uality. People have always questioned him about his family, friends, and relationships. But this one is just too shocking.

In an interview, a reporter asked him if he was dating SRK or the two were having an affair. This came as a big shock to Karan Johar. He did not expect something like this coming up in a corporate session. He expected it to be a sensible collaboration meeting which came up like this and made a big shot news.

When asked about his relationship with Shah Rukh Khan, here’s what he said. Karan Johar asked the reporter that if I ask you that are you sleeping with your brother, what would you say? The reporter said, “Kya Baat kar rahe hai aap?” And then he said so yeah that is what I am trying to say. Shah Rukh is family to me and this thought is so appalling to me.

He can’t believe that if two men are friends and one of them is allegedly a homose*ual, that means the two of them are having an affair. He finds it pretty ridiculous that at one point in time in life, he started feeling scared. Was scared to go out for dinner with any ‘MALE’ friend of his. Because the paparazzi reaches everywhere and makes a new rumor out of it. He finds it pretty upsetting how everytime he is close to someone, he always gets caught up in this mess! And maybe that is why he came up with his book, ‘An Unsuitable Boy’. Where he revealed everything about himself people were curious to know! Now that’s what we call a bold step.

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