Akash Mihani’s Short Film Mum Gets Qualified For Oscars


On 5th September 2017, Mum won its debut award at LIFFT – Lonavala Cine Fest (Best child actress).This was just a start and many many more awards and recognitions were yet to come. The film registered a record. After getting felicitated by the audience during a screening in the film festival, due to heavy audience demand the film was screened twice. Not just this but, during Mumbai short international film festival, the film was appreciated 5 times with a standing ovation. The ideology which entire was following, “Out of 100 people, if the film inspires even one of them to change their perception towards the girl child and help curb the world wide issue of female infanticide, it will be a win win situation for the film”, was coming true.

The film was selected in the top 5 best short films from around the world for nominations for OSCARS. The film now garnered an opportunity of life time by getting a screen space in the Beverly Hills of LA – Where all the OSCAR best films get screened, from 9th Feb to 15th Feb 2018.

Before this the film was screened in Mumbai with Bollywood’s legendary artist, Mr. Pankaj Tripathi along with actor Abhishek Duhaan, Ajay Bhramatmaj and many other influential personalities. Here’s what they had to say about the film and it’s exceptional effort.

“The film itself is so beautiful that my words are nothing in front of it. It is important that this film reaches the actual village where this incident has happened. This story should reach the masses.” – Mr. Pankaj Tripathi.

“It takes courage to make films on these kinds of subjects.” – Shaan-E-Awadh Film Festival

“The film is made on a very sensitive matter, it reflects us as humans in various ways. The kind of cinematic language used, reveals the harsh truth in a subtle way.” -A.K.Bir

“It takes guts to talk about the issues lurking in and around our environment. As film-makers it’s our responsibility to take up these issues and spread a word and this film has done exactly that”. – Abhishek Duhan.

Till date MUM has been screened in 15 different countries across the world.

We wish the team, the cause and the film all the luck for the present and future endeavours.

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