Akshay Kumar: Organizers Have Called Me To Perform At Award Nights In Exchange For An Award


Our action hero aka Akshay Kumar is busy promoting his upcoming movie Jolly LLB 2 these days. Akshay recently made an appearance on the famous show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ where he was quizzed by India’s favorite journalist, Rajat Sharma. The actor on the show gave answers to the most controversial question that was asked to him.

When Akshay Kumar was asked about Mahesh Bhatt‘s comment on him being good at the action but not at acting he said, “He is totally right. I was good at the action but not acting.” When he was further asked if after 25 years and 100 odd films he thinks he is a good actor the actor answered as “If you judge my acting skills by the awards that I have won, then no, I am not a good actor.”

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He further said, “That’s true. Organizers have asked me to perform at award nights. They said that they would pay me half the price and they would also give me an award. I replied saying, ‘You pay me the whole amount and keep your award.'”

His comments made the actor’s audience burst into laughter. When the actor was further asked about a controversy where his fans protested when he was not nominated for an award he said, “This is their love talking. I will not comment about it.”