Ali Fazal Helps Richa Chadha For Animal Welfare!


Just lately actor Ali Fazal was in the news for enrolling his nieces and cousins in self-defence classes. It all started when Fazal’s cousin in London took up martial arts but that’s not the only thing with a thoughtful cause that he is following. He’s helping his best friend Richa Chadha with a cause that means the most to her – Animal Welfare or to put it in simple word finding homes for strays.

Currently, both Ali and Richa are shooting for their new film sequel, ‘Fukrey Returns‘ directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba. From Delhi to Bombay Richa Chadha sure has come a long way in a really short time. Richa cares about stray pups so much that while shooting for Fukrey in Delhi both Richa and Ali came across a lot of stray animals during their shoots, and volunteered to help them by collaborating with a with various local level animal welfare shelters to find them happy homes. Both of them now, during their time off-shoot work towards getting a home for the strays.

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Between shoot schedules and being multi-faceted there’s a softer side to her that cares so much about Animal Welfare. One who follows her social media knows Richa works actively for always working for the betterment of animals being a pet owner herself. Her friend Ali Fazal who’s starring with her in the sequel, Fukrey Returns has now come forth to join a cause she strongly believes in. During their shoot schedule they got in touch with a lot of people by contacting several social media groups who actively work for finding strays and lost pets a suitable home. Also with Richa‘s prior association to PETA, a lot of friends from then helped out in their personal network to find these trays a loving home in Mumbai and Delhi.