Alia Bhatt Gives It Back To Sidharth Malhotra: I Wasn’t Asking You To Marry Me


Siddharth-&-Alia[tps_footer]Is it just us or have you folks noticed too about Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt sounding too cute whenever they are talking to eachother about “each other”, doesn’t that give you a feeling of young teenage love and that feel of finding a soulmate in your friend ??? Well, we are not imagining too much. In a recent interview we got to see this cute chemistry between the alleged B-Town couple.


Check out what Alia had to say about the way Sidharth treated her in their first flick Student Of The Year, “During Student, he treated me like a kid, and I didn’t like that,” Haha.. Alia entire world looks at you as a friend as a young family member to adore and be playful with. No wonder why you got this response for Sidharth. But, listening to this Sidharth immediately said, “You were 17 ! Anything under-18 is illegal.”

Ahem ahem ! What is illegal ?? We all can become friends at any point of time there is no age limit for that. So what are they exactly talking about ?? And they have still maintained that they are just good friends and enjoy each other’s company a lot. Great ! But now check out the hilarious reply from Alia as she heard this answer from Sidharth, she said :-“So ? I wasn’t asking you to marry me. I was asking you to be a regular friend.”


Ohh God !! You can’t win if you have war of words with Alia Bhatt. She will floor you down with her hilarious answers. That’s what she did this time too, or was it a hint to take their rumoured relation to another level ?? Recently, we got to see Sidharth being protective towards Alia when KRK tweeted a bad comment on her and Sidharth was ready to take him down. If this is only friendship then who won’t love to have such a loyal and protective friend in this world to stand by you even when the world is against ? Don’t we desire for such loved ones in our lives too ? And if it’s more than friendship then we certainly wish the best for this rumoured young couple.

What you think about their extra dose of cuteness ??[/tps_footer]