ALTBalaji’s HOME Did Not Include Any BGM, Says Habib Faisal


The makers of ALTBalaji’s HOME did not include any BGM in the scenes of demolition in the series. The scenes in itself were so impactful that the team decided to go against any voice any music in the background.

Habib Faisal shares, “Background score is added to heighten the drama and it helps in accentuating the characters. However the entire shooting of ALTBalaji’s HOME has been done keeping one thing in mind and that is, it should be as close to reality. The background score used is not overpowering and does not force you to feel the emotions. Rather it just makes you feel part of the Sethia family. For the demolition scenes, we took a conscious decision of not adding any music or background score. In real life, there is no background music when we go through pain or even a moment of joy. We ensured HOME was as close to life as possible. Hence when you see the demolition scenes there is no additional music or any sort of score that plays behind to enhance the climax. The idea was to use the genius of sound designing and that Manoj Sikka did for the show HOME. We let the real sounds in the scene be the music, whether it is the screaming of the crowd during the lathi charge, the tooting of the ambulance vans horn, the screeching of the brakes of the police jeep or the opening of the gate, all these horrifying sounds add to the impact on people. Rather even the editing of the scenes is done in a way that it will make the audience feel a part of the family going through the complete torture.”

ALTBalaji’s ‘Home’ dwells upon the story of a family struggling to fight for their home stuck into the corrupt hands of the builders.

The series to resonates with every Indian who dreams to have their own shelter and is loosely based on the true events revolving around the story about a housing society where families lost their homes due to misconduct of the builder.

‘Home’ stars maven actors like Annu Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Amol Parashar and Parikshit Sahani in pivotal roles.

The 12 episode show has streamed on the ALTBalaji app and the website from 29th August.