Who Is Angela Krislinzki In Hrithik Roshan’s Life? Actor Reacts!

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is currently making headlines for showing interest in a Polish-Spanish actress Angela Krislinzki’s career. The actress in a recent interview shared that Hrithik is like a mentor to her and that he has raised her confidence in acting. However, Hrithik’s reaction to the whole interview is rather shocking.

In an interview with DNA, when Angela was asked about her equation with Hrithik, she said, “Like every other newcomer, I had a crush on Hrithik when I worked with him for the first time in a commercial. When I told him about my half-Spanish background, he was reminded about the old-world charm of Valencia and Spain. He was supportive and gave me acting tips.

Angela also added saying that she saw a mentor and a good friend in Hrithik Roshan while they were shooting together for a commercial in 2016. She said, “I was under the impression that he had forgotten me. After all, he is a star who shoots umpteen ads with several young models. But he called out to me and remembered all the conversations we’d had and the fact that my dad was from Valencia. He also asked me jokingly whether the colour of my eyes was real. When I signed a movie in the South. He also inquired about the maker and assured me that this film would definitely take me places.”

Polish-Spanish actress Angela Krislinzki also revealed that she was supposed to feature in a single music video with Hrithik. But that could not happen as Hrithik Roshan faced injury. “That was soon after Hrithik’s Aashiqui video was released. We had even rehearsed together for a day, but Hrithik suffered an injury soon after and it was called off. I was looking forward to it,” reveals Angela.

Angela in an interview also revealed that how Hrithik Roshan motivated her by asking her to work on her acting skills and Hindi diction. She revealed, “I told him it would be difficult for me to access filmmakers and get the right roles in Bollywood because of my international looks. He assured me that it was all about confidence and asked me to work on my acting skills and Hindi diction. That conversation with him changed my life.”

She concludes, “I wouldn’t know. I am happy that I have found a great friend and mentor in him. I would love to work with him again, but I don’t know when it will happen.”

However, Hrithik Roshan has rubbished the reports and of even knowing any such Spanish actress. He rubbished the reports by tweeting, “My dear lady, who are you and why are u lying.”

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