Anupam Kher: Shocked And Scared What Is Happening To Our Country!


Anupam-Kher[tps_footer]Anupam Kher was recently seen at Munmun Ghosh’s novel ‘Thicker Than Blood”, book launch event. He was here to support and speak a few words about Munmun Ghosh’s novel and to share his few thoughts about the novel and also about the whole chaos behind Jawaharlal Nehru University.

He said, “…it angers me, shocks me as an Indian. I don’t believe 1.3 billion people will let them destroy our country. There is much more in this country than the political games of certain parties, what happened at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Whatever I have watched on video is frightening. In the capital city of our country, some groups are raising slogans about ‘desh ki barbadi’ and ‘azaadi’. It angered me as a countryman.”


Earlier, Anupam Kher also had issues with Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan commenting about the “growing intolerance” and was miffed with Aamir Khan. But, he never hesitates in raising his voice and now he expressed his disturbance over JNU incident.

Even the JNUSU Joint- Secretary Saurabh Sharma, also am ABVP member criticized this event and he said, “We strictly condemn this behavior of JNUTA. These teachers, who should show some concern for the nation, are in strong support of the ones who are willing to destroy the nation. If JNUTA and these teachers don’t stop doing this, we will demand their dismissal,”


JNUSU President, Kanhaiya Kumar said that in this incident, the main culprits who led this event and misused universities campus, Aparajitha Raja, leader of All India Students Federation (AISF) were arrested from the campus by Delhi Police.

It’s hurtful to see such things happening in India and the way some people are supporting the wrong things and “misusing educational institutes” and ruining “freedom of speech” for their own benefits. But, on the other hand happy and proud to see the strong actions taken against the ones who encouraged others to say slogans against our country, India, which is a home for them too. So, unfortunate to see people taking a wrong turn towards such sensitive issues and becoming puppets of some political parties and saying things without realizing the impact and consequences of it on others.[/tps_footer]