Anushka Sharma BREAKS SILENCE About Her Marriage! Virat Kohli Are You Listening?

On being questioned about splits in B-town, Anushka Sharma said that not just in B-town but throughout the country couples are splitting up. She said that now the women have become masters of their lives and that is one of the reasons for increasing divorce rates. Anushka Sharma, talking about herself, said she is a normal girl and marriage is something that just happens once and it is essential to sustain it. The thinking of women is changing and so is the equation of being with men is.
Talking as a true modern woman, Anushka Sharma said that women are becoming financially independent and therefore, they look for a partner who is compatible with them and not someone who can just feedĀ a life security. When talking about her personal life in terms of this statement, she said she easily friend zones men and talked about how Ranbir Kapoor is good friends with her who also acted in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.


Like every other girl who thinks of marriage at a certain age, actress Anushka Sharma says even she wants to tie the knot someday in life but she isn’t sure about when. Anushka Sharma told the media that her marriage is important and it’s on the cards but she hasn’t thought over it. In fact, she is in no hurry to get married.
The 28-year old Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actress who is on a successful path says that marriage is definitely an agenda in her life but not that soon. She expressed her believes saying that now the times have changed and actresses still get meaty roles even after marriage and they are still at the same pace like they were before marriage. She said that this time is the best time for women in industry.
The actress also quoted that she would live like a normal woman even after marriage and it is important to be that way.