Apurva Saxena’s Journey On How She Became A Blogger Is Worth Your Read

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Apurva Saxena says that “Beauty comes from within, confidence and self-love. No matter how expensive cosmetics you purchase, if you don’t understand what your skin demands and unless you love yourself naturally, you will never be satisfied with any amount of make up being put on your face.”. This Delhi based blogger has worked with various beauty brands over the course of the last 10 years of her blogging career. Understanding makeup from the likes of M.A.C. to Lakme, she knows what the Indian beauty industry offers and what the Indian consumer wants.

Apurva Saxena, holding a degree in English Honours from the Delhi University and having received her schooling from Ahlcon Public School, has dealt with the racism factor indirectly over the years. Being on a mission to contribute towards makeup and beauty for duskier skin tones, she says “There are so many wonderful influencers in India who are doing a fantastic job promoting makeup for the fairer skin tones, but I have hardly come across Indian bloggers who are catering to the duskier or darker skin tones. Being privileged to be dusky skin toned myself, I believe that it is my duty to influence and address this to my above 1,00,000 lakh followers on the social media platforms.’

Thanks to her full-time blogging career, she has worked with brands like The Body Shop, Faces Canada, Nykaa, Kiehl’s and Sephora, getting well versed with their latest launches every season. Being honest with her followers, she actively promotes boutique brands as well as the giants for their products that truly work for the Indian skin and climatic conditions. She says “I receive so many DMs whenever I promote something that I personally love via my social media platforms. Some thank me for the recommendations, some ask further questions while some love the honesty that I share with them.”

Being a religious skincare junky, she feels that the Indian beauty market has grown over the years, with many international brands now available in India, local brands getting the acknowledgement that they deserve and the Indian consumer too is getting more aware and attentive to the products they choose among an array of many. She believes that this change in the growth of the beauty industry and the introduction of international brands in India is a positive change and she welcomes brands catering to a wider range of skin tones, letting young girls and women feel more confident and spoilt for choice while buying the products.

Personally, she wishes to visit Korea and Japan to explore the skincare market and shop a suitcase full of various skin care products that are locally quite famous in these two countries. In terms of the brands available in India, she loves shopping from Sugar Cosmetics, M.A.C., Maybelline, Forest Essentials, Bath & Body Works, Kiko Milano and NYKAA among many others that serve finest of the quality products available in the market.

Her beauty mantra may speak volumes about her take on positivity and self-love, but it is her honesty that truly wins the hearts of her followers who admire her for her detailed reviews and honest insights. We need more such bloggers and influencers in India, with whom the Indian consumers can relate to on a personal level.

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