Arjun Kapoor Gives Us Glimpse Of Ranbir Kapoor Losing His Cool!


Ranbir Kapoor gets into a fight and Arjun Kapoor just watches on!

Bromance between two Bollywood actors is a rare thing to come across. The latest actors to grace us with their bromance are Ranbir Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor! The actors were spotted having dinner in the city by the paparazzi.

Last night Arjun posted an Instagram Boomerang video featuring Ranbir Kapoor. In the video, we can see Ranbir kicking and fist fighting with someone. Don’t worry, Ranbir did not get into a brawl! The actor was seen chuckling in between throwing his fists around. Arjun captioned the video stating, “Action lessons !!! #RK&RORO” (sic).

While we do not know who ‘RORO’ is he sure looks like he’s having fun!

This little fighting video does not come as a surprise. Both Ranbir and Arjun own Mumbai and Pune teams respectively in the ongoing Indian Super League.

During media interactions, Arjun said when Mumbai and Pune play, he and Ranbir will be at war!

”Ranbir and I can’t be friends, for now, we are in for a war, something like a Battle Royale. All our friends will have to wear the Mumbai jersey in the first half and the Pune one for the second half. It’s going to be a great game and I would rather have the game have the value than Ranbir and me. We both are football fanatics and we love the sport and the fact that we own teams. But yes, I can assure you that the friendly banter is going to be there. There will be an edge to those games for sure. “

While their teams battle it out on the football field, many were eager to see their owners kick some ball. When asked about the same the Gunday actor replied, “We can’t just walk in and play for ISL (smiles). But whatever is needed or we can do, we will definitely do! After all, we are all friends.”