Arpita Khan Sharma Gives A Shout Out To All Mothers, Leaves Everyone Intrigued With Her Post

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Arpita Khan Sharma who recently turned a mother to baby Ahil took to Instagram to give a shoutout to all mothers.

Arpita Khan Sharma has always been the centre of attention through her various posts.

Arpita Khan Sharma took to Instagram to give a heartfelt shoutout to mothers across the globe.

Shout out to all the mommies!

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Expressing her thoughts as a mother, Arpita described what it takes to be a mother and raising a child.

Through her post,  Arpita urged the mothers to share their experiences and lessons, thrilling discoveries about motherhood and their babies, things that helped them become a better mother.

In an attempt to support each other and empower one another, Arpita Sharma asked fellow mothers to write their stories and share it with her leaving everyone intrigued to know why.

As her post generates curiosity amongst her followers, a lot of people asked her the reason for the shoutout.

Arpita replied to the same saying, ” If I spill all the beans now, what’s the fun then.. pen down your experiences and send them to me and you will soon know if it will get featured or not mommies. Waiting to read all your stories.”

The intriguing post of Arpita has definitely left everyone interested to know what’s in store!