Jagga Jasoos Actress Bidisha Bezbaruah Commits Suicide


The actress-singer Bidisha Bezbaruah was found hanging in her apartment over alleged troubled marriage

Bidisha Bezbaruah, a popular singer in Assam and had recently moved to Gurgaon after her marriage. She became famous for her acting in the drama ‘Xanto Xisto Hristo Pusto Mohadusto’. She recently worked in the Ranbir Kapoor –Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Jagga Jasoos’ which hit theatres last weekend.

The Assamese actress was found dead in her 9th floor house when the doors were broken down by the neighbours and the property broker. She hung herself using a dupatta from the ceiling on Monday.

The case is open for investigation and the police are looking for any other reasons as no suicide note was found.

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The singer had recently married in 2016. Her husband, Nisheeth Jha works at UFCON in Mumbai and was away when the incident occurred. The actress was also working for Publicis Communications after graduating from IIMC, Delhi.

Bidisha was having troubles with her new marriage and had complained several times to her family as well. Bidisha’s family claim the couple were having troubles in their marriage as Nisheeth was allegedly having an extra marital affair. The actress had recently called her father up and begged him to do something about it.

”On the same day, she had called me around 5 pm and said that she wanted a divorce. I asked her to be calm, but she refused to listen and disconnected the phone call, saying ‘let me take my own decision’.”

Her father had then tried telling her husband. After several unanswered calls, Nisheeth informed the neighbours to take action.

The actress’s husband has been booked after Bidisha’s father filed an FIR UNDER Section 306 (abatement to suicide) of THE IPC at Sushant Lok police station.

Since the case is still under investigation, no comments have been made by any of her work associates at Publicis Communications.

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