Avika Gor: Manish is Just A Few Years Younger Than My Father!

Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan look seriously upset with the hot blowing news regarding their relationship.

News networks have been claiming that the Balika Vadhu couple Avika Gor and Manish Raisinghan are dating since a long time and happen to share a serious thing between each other and is that the truth? Ummm, Nope.

The couple is not really a couple and they are not dating. Not at all!!. The two spoke to a news daily about this and shared how this false rumor had affected their friendship. They were best friends and the rumor spoiled their broth.

Manish said, ‘The gossip affected me in the beginning and I was stupid enough to maintain a distance from Avika. I became conscious and irritable during that phase. The rumour made me sick. But later, I realised that if my intentions are clear, why should I treat her any differently? I have never dated her; she is almost half my age. We are compatible, but I have never seen her that way. Anyway, such loose talks don’t affect me anymore and we meet for work now.”

He added, “People are still linking us. Just because we worked together, many started misinterpreting our togetherness. Avika has always been open to ideas and I work well with such people. Her openness helped us to be on the same page and work together. We are a great team and have many common friends who we associate with professionally.”

While Avika Gor gave a similar response to this, totally stepping back from the rumor, she said, ‘Manish is just a few years few younger than my father, so there is no scope for any romantic involvement. We share a unique bond of friendship, which is inexplicable. It is based on understanding, respect, honesty and maturity. We are BFFs and he is a strong support system,” she also mentioned that, ‘I call him Shin Chan (the popular comic character) and he calls me Mitzi (Shin Chan’s mother) till date.’

She was asked if she was affected by it like Manish, “I was affected by it. In fact, we reduced the rehearsal time on the set to avoid more speculations. A few people even suggested that I tie him a rakhi to convince everyone. But then, we realised that we can’t let these rumours affect our equation. We stopped caring about what people said or wrote, and didn’t want to prove that we were just friends. We just worked on our onscreen chemistry to make it more believable.”

She spoke about her parents on this, She said, ‘My mother was with me on the set almost every day, so they knew what was happening. My parents are extremely comfortable with Manish. In fact, they ask him to pick me up if they are busy. They were oblivious to the stories floating around.’

Talking about her own relationship, Gor said, ‘I am single and a relationship hasn’t crossed my mind yet. I don’t even get as many proposals as people assume.’

So now we hope that people stop putting this relationship thing on Avika and Manish as the two best friend’s are getting hurt. We shall all accept that its not about dating all the time. Things are sober too!


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