Hrithik Roshan: Battling A Speech Issue Has Kept Loud Verbal Violence Away From Me

Hrithik Roshan

For the very first time, Hrithik Roshan will be seen addressing the Kangana Ranaut controversy on a media platform today in an interview to a TV channel.

The actor, who created a social media storm with his social media post on the subject, has been receiving exceptional support from the virtual audience. With more than 24k active conversations discussing Hrithik’s post, Twitter went into a frenzy.

One Twitter user giving a sound advice to Hrithik wrote an open letter to him saying,”You might be boring if you stick to your truth and don’t read out of an attacking script. But say your piece honestly and sensitively. And then forever hold your peace.”

Acknowledging the advice, Hrithik Roshan replied on Twitter,”I hv not tampered n I will Not tamper wth d integrity of truth 4sake of entertainment. B patient wth me mark.Truth is in fact boring 2watch”.

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The actor further tweeted saying,”Plus cant make it a spectacle evn if I wantd 2. Perhaps battling a speech issue since my childhood has kept loud verbal violence away frm me”

It is a well-known fact that Hrithik Roshan had stammering issues since his childhood, the actor has been very vocal about battling the speech issue. Referring to his speech problem Hrithik explained that he can never indulge in loud verbal violence even if he wishes too.

The actor further went ahead to assure that he has not and never will tamper with the integrity of truth for the sake of entertainment.

Hrithik stated that Truth, in fact, boring to watch.The Superstar will now feature on a TV Channel to present his side of the story in the Kangana Ranaut fiasco.