Bhaagte Raho Review: A Must Watch Comedy Film

bhaagte raho

Rating: ***

New talents are now getting noticed in Bollywood and all because of the Digital camera where every digicam owner becomes but with this film Director Praful D.S.Tiwari along with the producer and lead cast of this film together create a ‘lol’ mess on screen. This is supposed to be a comedy where characters (as the title suggests) are supposed to be on the run from something or the other. And as expected…it is funny in parts!

It all begins with Fateh Singh( Abhay Raichand) a lowly cook in the army being mistaken for someone else, going on the run and then barging into a ‘weird’ house full of human curios who want him to train them into potential army recruits. Along the way, after many misfires and accidents, Fateh falls in love with Gun Gun( Riya Dipsi) and in order to get her Chacha to give the go-ahead for their wedding, has to come up with a Rs.1 crore dowry. Thereafter the plotting goes haywire trying to find reasons to justify the ridiculous title. There’s a diamond trader who stuffs his diamonds in a golden key and hands it over to his brother (suffering from a sleep disorder) to deliver to Fannus Bhai(Rajpal Yadav buffaloing it as always). Obviously, the brother conveniently drops the golden key containing Rs 5 crore worth of diamonds, falls asleep along the way, and a dog swallows it – thus allowing for some really stupid antics by the rest of the cast. Insert a wheelchair-bound Don called Sugar Baba(Dinesh Hingoo) and some rather good ‘misfits’ to round up the cast who probably make you giggle at places.

It’s an out and out comedy, slap-stick along with storytelling making sensibility to carry it forward. Performances, direction, production values, technical work are decent in its own way.

Give this one a chance and you won’t regret for sure.

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